Help with a Trigger


  • Daniel Dobrzensky

    You might want to try adding these two conditions to the "Any" section: 

    • Update via / is / Web form 
    • Update via / is / Email 

    I would also change your "Current User" condition to "is not / agent". I think agent replies count as webform updates but I could be wrong. 

    I think that may help a bit. 

  • Greg

    Unfortunately, I'm still not receiving the trigger response through email. Appreciate the suggestions though!

  • Daniel Dobrzensky

    Hm - you might want to troubleshoot by temporarily removing the Current User condition to see if that makes any difference. If you remove it and the trigger still doesn't fire that's a good indication that there's something else up stream preventing the email from going out. 

    Also - how are you testing this? This might be obvious, but you'll probably run into trouble if you send emails from an address that is an Agent in Zendesk, or otherwise has a role other than end-user. 

    Do you see anything in the events that vary from email to web? Other than the lack of the trigger event, of course. 

  • Plo Mangsat
    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for posting in the Community. I'm sorry to hear that you're still not receiving the response via email. If you want we can turn this into a ticket  so we can dig deeper and I can see this issue through. Thanks!

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