Option to Remove Email from User Profile


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    Brett Elliott
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Stephanie,

    Brett from the Zendesk Product team here. You can create a user without an email address. Email is an optional field. All the ways a user can be created are described here.

  • Stephanie

    Hello Brett,
    Thank you for explaining that.  I should have clarified my question better.  How do I remove an email from an existing user?  Once an email has been added if I need to remove it since that email is no longer valid there is no way to delete it.  The user requires an email to be added.

  • Dave Dyson
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hi Stephanie –
    If you have a new valid email address for the user, you can add that first, make it the user's Primary email address, then delete the old defunct one. 
  • Stephanie

    Right I know I can add a new email if I had one.  I just was looking for a simpler solution to just remove an email when I need to.  Basically, I have to create a new user with just a phone number and then merge the tickets to the new user.

  • Craig Obee

    the current workaround as mentioned above is very slow to action and confusing for all of our agents.
    If an end user asks us to remove their email address from our system our agents are stuck as there is no "remove" option. We can add a fake email which then gives us the option but agents won't know to do this so it ends up waiting a lot of time wrestling with something that should be much simpler. 


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