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  • Sam
    Community Moderator

    Hi Carlos ! This is certainly possible. A similar setup is located in this comment but below is a setup specific to your situation.

    Create a webhook that points to the user endpoint

    1. Go to Zendesk Suite -> Admin Center -> Apps and integrations -> Webhooks -> Webhooks
    2. Create a new webhook with the following paramaters:
      Name: Memorable name that uniquely identifies the webhook
      Endpoint URL: https://subdomain.zendesk.com/api/v2/users/{{ticket.requester.id}}.json
      Request method: GET
      Request format: JSON
      Authentication: Whichever you use. For API, we generally use Basic Authentication with username@domain.com/token for the user, and your API token for the password

    3. Test and create the webhook

    Create a custom ticket field (if not done already)

    1. Go to Zendesk Suite -> Admin Center -> Objects and rules -> Tickets -> Fields
    2. Create a new custom field to capture the phone number (use numeric or text - I'd recommend numeric)
    3. Create field
    4. Copy down the custom field ID
    5. Add the custom field to your ticket form(s)

    Create a trigger that writes the phone number on ticket creation

    1. Go to Zendesk Suite -> Admin Center -> Objects and rules -> Business rules -> Triggers
    2. Click on Add Trigger
    3. Set the appropriate conditions for your trigger (such as Ticket = Created and Form = Your_Form_Here)
    4. Under Actions, specify the following:
      Type or select actions: Notify active webhook
      Select the webhook you created earlier for the user endpoint
      JSON body:
      "user": {
      "phone": "{{ticket.ticket_field_replacewithcustomfieldID}}"
    5. Save trigger

    Now, test it out and it should send the phone number captured in your custom field to the user profile!

  • Rafael Santos

    Just one note there.
    On step 2, the Request method should be PUT instead of GET.

    API Reference / Ticketing / Users / #Update User

    PUT /api/v2/users/{user_id}

    Also, this might fail if you have Validate user phone numbers enabled, as the phone numbers will have to be on the E.164 format

    What are the accepted phone number formats for Talk?

  • Carlos

    Thank you very much guys, both answers complement each other and of course it worked ! 

  • Ashley Sanyal

    Hi! I have a similar situation where I went to get a piece of information from the user profile and insert it into the custom field on the ticket. In this example would I change it to "Get" and put in the custom ticket ID of the field from the user profile instead of the custom ticket field ID? Do I need to add a step to get the user profile field to populate in the custom ticket field? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! 

  • Christopher Kennedy
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Ashley,
    Is the info on the user profile in a custom user field with a tag value?  If so, the ticket can inherit this tag from the user automatically so that it is present on the ticket.  That would vastly reduce the effort needed to add the info to the ticket.

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