Print Ticket function improvements


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    Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing this! We're looking at ways to improve the print ticket feature, and are keenly aware of the needs around (2) - Optional internal comment inclusion. You're not the first to raise up the desire to exclude private comments from tickets when they're printed or saved to PDF. This seems to be especially important for sharing materials with stakeholders or customers outside your immediate team or organization. 

    We're doing more research on (1) and (3) with no specific plans to communicate at the moment - however, if we pursue this further, would you be open to us contacting you to learn a little more about your use case?


  • David Brown

    Zac Garcia I am certainly open to discussion, that is perhaps the best way to have a better understanding of our workflow, needs, and use case(s).

  • Vanessa Radman

    Is printing a ticket with images anywhere on the roadmap? I see it still hasn't been rolled out. Gmail does this really well as a reference.

    An update would be appreciated. 

  • Zac Garcia
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all! Thanks for your feedback and for taking the time to follow up. Unfortunately, due to a reprioritization this quarter around our major updates to Agent Home, and resource constraints as a result, this specific feature is not currently on the roadmap. We hear you that this is important and do hope to gather support in future quarters to bring this back up but can not commit to a timeline at this moment. While not the news we want to share, it is important we remain transparent where we are at to help you understand the product. Should anything change here we will let you know. I encourage others who may be facing this issue to raise your voices in the upvotes and comments, it does have an impact! Shawna and our PM team will be monitoring this thread for more feedback. Thank you again!

  • Vanessa Radman

    Zac Garcia unfortunate news but I do appreciate the follow-up. I hope more people vote this up as it's super important for our business needs.


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