How do I set-up "Knowledge" in Agent Workspace?


  • Shayan Moussawi

    You have to mainly assign labels to the articles as knowledge uses those labels for recommendation. 
    However this feature still doesn't seem all that thought out, as for example knowledge will fail to work in most Messaging Tickets. (the recommender seems unable to properly read the messaging conversation).

  • Budke, John

    Thank you.  I do have labels assigned.  I don't have Answer Bot enabled - although I did so when troubleshooting but there was no difference.  I'll put in a ticket w/support unless any other folks have some guidance.

  • Ben Van Iten
    Zendesk Digital Resources Team

    Hi John! Can I ask what channels you have enabled for your customers to contact you? You are correct that the Answer Bot API is used for the initial suggestions, but enabling Answer Bot doesn't necessarily mean you have to have it customer facing.

    I say this knowing that enabling Answer Bot just for this functionality might not be something you're into, but just trying to get more of a sense of the use case.

  • Budke, John

    Hi Ben:

    We are using only webform, email and the Outlook API channels.  I probably am not setting Answer Bot up correctly.  The use case is for agents to get knowledge suggestions based on the subject line of the ticket without Answer Bot being used otherwise.

    I'm sure it 100% me, not the platform - some things are just over my head!!


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey John,
    This sounds like we may need to escalate this to our Customer Care team to have them take a look at your account. I'm going to create a ticket on your behalf so they can follow up with you to help resolve this issue.
    Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention!

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