Can messaging web widget send the message from customer by api?


  • Dainne Lucena
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Bom Proapp!

    Since you are referring to Zendesk Messaging, this means you would be using the Agent Workspace along with it. In the Agent Workspace, there is a User Profile tab that would show the pages that the end-user is on, and even before. These are clickable so if you click on it, it will open tab and load the page where the end-user is. 

    More information about the Workspace page can be found here

    Hope this helps!

  • Christina Hernandez

    This is helpful, but we want to be able to pull the page view data in a report. Not dig through individual tickets. How can we pull data on the page the user was on when they opened a ticket without going through each ticket?

  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Christina,

    There isn't a native way in Explore to get a report on which particular article has been viewed prior to ticket creation.

    However, there are three workarounds that might suit your workflow:
    • Knowledge base dataset in Explore

      Use the Knowledge base dataset in Explore to see the overall role of the users who viewed the articles published in your help center. If you want to create your own custom report, the name of the attribute is Engagement user role. Otherwise, use the prebuilt tab on the Zendesk Guide dashboard and scope the User role filter to the intended role.
      user role in the knowledge base dataset
    • Customer context in the context panel

      Within the Support and ticketing instance, if you use the Zendesk Agent Workspace, you can see the visitor path, or the Pages viewed, in the customer context in the context panel. This feature displays the web pages, app screens, or help center articles the requester has viewed.
    • Google Analytics

      Use Google Analytics to create your own reporting structure. However, Zendesk Customer Support doesn't support this option because the Google Analytics implementation is out of scope.
    For related information, see this article: Analyzing your knowledge base activity with Explore.

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