Coming soon in GA: Understanding the call flow for Talk in omnichannel routing


  • Lauren Benkov

    When talk becomes part of omnichannel routing, will it be possible that an agent still gets assigned a phone call when they have an active message? The way capacity is structured right now is individual by channel so it seems possible that an agent is in an active messaging conversation and their phone will still ring. Is this the case? Or will it work differently when talk is part of routing?

  • Rohan Gupta
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for the question!

    Yes your understanding is correct, at the moment capacity is structured on a per channel basis which means an agent serving an active messaging or email conversation can be routed a call depending on agent's status, that is, if they are Online to take calls.

    However, if you want dedicated agents for a particular channel, you can create custom agent status which sets the agent Online only for one channel and the rest channels are set to Offline. Here are the details to create custom agent statuses.

    Let us know if you have any feedback around this behaviour.





  • Lauren Benkov

    Thanks Rohan Gupta. It seems a bit like a step backwards from when we used to use focus mode. We made some custom statuses but that seems to defeat the purpose of omnichannel routing a bit. We just want the agent given the next most important piece of work regardless of what channel it is, but not give multiple pieces of work at once, especially across live channels. 

    The nature of our business is real-time and so even the idea of giving someone an "Email" ticket at the same time as they have a messaging convo or phone call is a bit problematic for us. We use APIs to create tasks for agents like "call this customer to tell them XYZ" so routing an agent an inbound call at the same time we're asking them to make an outbound call isn't very helpful for us. Maybe I will leave a comment on the capacity page but I hope there will be the ability to do overall capacity, not just by channel, sometime soon.

  • Trudy Slaght

    +1 to Lauren’s comment. Focus mode functionality is sorely missed and I had hoped that omnichannel and routing capacity would be the solution. However, the behavior described in this support article where agents from other groups (management for example) aren’t able to help take calls during high volume times if agents are over capacity makes this functionality not very useful.

    Will focus mode be returned with messaging enabled? This is a major missing functionality for small teams who moved to messaging but were reliant on focus mode. It was fantastic while it was available.

  • Trudy Slaght

    We implemented omnichannel routing yesterday with the hope that it would replace focus mode which no longer works after enabling messaging. It is an extreme disappointment that it seems the developers put all the time into developing omnichannel, without considering that one person CANNOT interact with 2 people at the same time. That good sense exists in that you can only set the max capacity to 1 for phone calls - but yet messages are still being served to people on phone calls or calls being served to people on messages? 

    This is a major oversight and I hope it's being worked on with high priority as ZD has taken multiple steps that force users to use messaging and then breaks existing functionality that was working well. (focus mode)


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