How to filter by date/week a custom field is updated?


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Try this.

    • Use the Support Updates History dataset to create your report
    • From the Calculation menu on the right hand side, create a new Standard Calculated Attribute

    Set up your report output, for example:

    • Filter your new attribute to exclude NULL values


  • Matt

    Hi Jack, 

    Hope you are well! I'm pretty certain this can be done with little effort by using mostly default attributes and a custom metric/attribute similar to the one mention in Explore recipe: Tracking ticket assigns across groups

    Essentially you will need to: 

    • Use the Updates History dataset
    • Use the Time Attribute "Update - time" not "Ticket updated - time"
    • Work with the recipe I linked but use the Field name of your ticket field instead of groups. 

    Let me run you through what I did on my test account here at my fictional T-Shirt retailer: 
    I've created a metric that looks like the below: (using the exact field name and the tags associated to each field option as the "New Value") 

    I made sure with this that I track if the first time the field is changed. I guess you could make this formula much more complex if needed to incorporate any type of change from one to the other value. 


    I then added the metric to my query and use the "Update - time" attribute (to showcase I used the exact timestamp) and limited my query to only show tickets that had an update to this field within the wanted timeframe. 


    I've highlighted a specific example ticket there which I can show you below to ensure the metric only counts the updates made during that time and the timestamp shows correct (not any other update timestamp after or before the change): 


    I believe this is the best approach here. You could potentially create an attribute rather than a metric to filter, but if you use the metric you can just use a metric filter to remove all 0's 


    Hope this helps! 


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