Workspace UI problems and Darkmode


  • Heather W.

    I second Ben's request for dark mode! I work on Zendesk for roughly 7 hours each day and notice that my eyes really strain even with my blue light filtering lenses. 

  • Kolten Kittleson
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey folks!

    We appreciate your feedback on this topic and would love to hear more directly from you live. Please join us on Thursday, April 25th at 9 AM PDT for our PM Roundtable. It’ll be an open discussion on what is and isn’t working with the recent UI changes regarding Agent Workspace. So please bring those questions, concerns, or feedback!

    The product team would also like feedback on enhancements they plan on making in Agent Workspace, so we can design the experience tailored to your CX needs.

    The link to register can be found here, we’d love to see you all there. 


    Kolten Kittleson


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