Outdated Articles


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Pam, I'm sorry you're having such a frustrating experience tracking down information. We do try to make Zendesk products as easy as possible to set up on your own, but I completely empathize with the frustration you feel from not getting the right answers in our documentation.
    We do try very hard to keep our official documentation up to date, but we're certainly not perfect, and it's harder to make sure older answers to questions are also updated as our product evolves. We do really appreciate any reports we receive on outdated or inaccurate information and broken links, and we try to update those as quickly as we can after they're reported. 
    Thanks for adding updated instructions on the account assumption question (very much appreciated), and if you wouldn't mind adding links here to the other issues you found (and some more details on the issues you found with the bot documentation), I'd be more than happy to follow up with our documentation team. I'll also ask your account manager to follow up with you. 

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