Truncate the forwarded emails to Zendesk Support



  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Zendesk Administrator,
    I did some digging on my end and it doesn't look like there's a way to alter what exactly is forwarded from a customers email or set a character limit at this time. If this is something you'd like to see as a feature, I'd recommend creating a feedback post in our Feedback - Ticketing System (Support) topic for our product managers to review. 
    You can also use the following template when creating your post: Product Feedback Post Template
    I hope this helps!
  • Zendesk Administrator

    Thank you Brett. Definitely helps!

    In our case, customers tend to forward the entire thread to create a ticket which is not proving to be very effective considering the time involved in digesting the request and the subsequent back and forth. Hence was wondering if there was a way to overcome this. Any advice or have any of your other customer implemented workarounds ?

    Also, If the forwarded email character count is more than 65K, will it be truncated and will there be any indication that the message was truncated for the agent and the requester? 


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