Hyperlinking when replying to tickets via email


  • Amie Brennan

    Hey Onur, 

    Have you checked this feature to make sure it isn't interfering with what you're describing here? Perhaps this feature is the answer to your question! :)





  • Onur Olmez

    Amie Brennan, yes I have and per the last section of the article, it seems like this feature is "built-in" to the product and cannot be turned off. The issue I'm dealing with is specifically https-based hyperlinking with I'd like the option to turn off.

    Example case:

    1. User replies to ticket asking for instructions to do something.
    2. I reply back to ticket (directly via email channel) including already hyperlinked response to a KB article.
    3. User gets a hyperlinked URL followed by same URL (in parathesis) also hyperlinked. 

    It's clumsy both for me and my end users.

    Seems like this would be a feature request.


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