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  • Christina Hernandez

    Hi Ifra,

    Thanks for your response. I did stumble on that article yesterday, but it doesn't address my specific situation. The History doesn't include a filter for the event type I'm looking for: Managed by. If changing this setting on an article causes the Updated date to change on the end user pages, I'd expect this event to show up in the History as well. Otherwise, it just looks like a mistake when you compare the article's History vs the Updated date on the end user pages.  


    Is there somewhere else I can look for a more robust History of events? 

    Thank you!

  • Ifra Saqlain
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    Hi Christina Hernandez, when you update your articles with the permission setting (managed by), the date will be updated on your template if you write code for that.

    I wrote the code for both dates created and updated:

       {{t 'created'}} -
        {{date article.created_at timeago=true format="long"}}
        {{t 'updated'}} -
        {{date article.edited_at timeago=true format="long"}} 

    Output: I only updated Managed By setting yet and code showing me correct date and time on the template.


    I also checked as you said above, you can leave feedback for the Managed By setting history.




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