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  • Abdul Qabiz (Diziana)

    Hi Oliver

    This can be easily implemented using some javascript, and Custom Objects. That said, right now there is limitation in custom object:

    • Custom Object doesn't allow anonymous reading
    • Custom Object write/update requests (jquery ajax, or fetch) don't honor current admin/agent session; that is, we are required to pass authorization header -- with username/password or token.

    After reading your post, I wrote a quick POC code and it works fine for end-users (signed in users).

    I guess, you can easily implement this kind of feed using Firebase or similar systems.

    Let me see if I can show something in some days.

    Edit: I think, you are looking for an internal page that allows your team to see what are changes; I guess, then it makes whole thing easy; I will share my code in some days.


    Thank you

    Abdul Qabiz


  • Jane M Langschied

    Is there a code to change the Recent Activity to also include both recently updated articles as well as recently created?



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