Enable Focus Mode in Omnichannel (Or fix the functionality outside omnichannel)


  • Barry Neary
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Trudy Slaght

    As you mentioned, focus mode for messaging and talk within omnichannel roiuting engine is definitely on the roadmap but we dont have a specific date for expected release yet.

    Alternatively, an agent could use their status to indicate that they should not be assigned a message whilst on a chat (or vice versa). You could setup two custom stauses: message only and voice only and when agent took a message or a call they could set themselves offline for the other channel by selecting one of these two statuses.

    Not ideal, I know as the agent would need to take a manual action.


  • Trudy Slaght

    Hi Barry,

    I'm glad this is on the road map, but we have disabled omnichannel routing for now. While the focus mode malfunctions outside of omnichannel, it's malfunctioning is better than how omnichannel works. Having to manually change status based on what has been assigned is not a reasonable ask of an agent to do repeatedly throughout the day. I hope returning this functionality is a high priority - it seems like a major oversight that it wasn't considered in the initial launch of omnichannel.


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