Autocorrect suddenly no longer working in Admin Ticket Reply area?


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    Nhia Lor
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi mws

    Thanks for taking the time to report this concern.

    We're currently investigate similar reports of this behaviour following a recent update to our composer in Support.  In order to better track this issue for you so we can get back to you with an update I will go ahead and create at ticket on your behalf.

    We greatly appreciate your understand with us on this matter!

    Best regards,


  • mws

    FYI, community, here's the response that was shared with me in the ticket. Yet another non-fix / workaround / breaking an existing feature by Zendesk. 

    Our product development team has been made aware of this issue which currently impacts Apple Text Replacement and Auto-Correct functions within the Support Agent Workspace composer in Safari 16.3.  We are unable to offer a target date for resolution at this time. As a result, we will set this ticket to Solved.
    In the interim we recommend using other browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox if you require autocorrect (spell/grammar check) functionality within the Agent Workspace composer.

  • pchevalier

    Thank you for letting the community know.

    It's a pain indeed.

  • mws

    Well, the day has finally come. I'm so excited to share that we're finally off of Zendesk. Moved to Helpscout earlier this month and it's been such a breath of fresh air. The point here isn't to promote HS, though.

    Our whole support team is so glad we don't have to deal with the following issues any more (and, is very regretful we didn't make this change sooner) :

    - This issue...insanely struggling with browser performance and autocorrect not working. 

    - The ticket views not automatically refreshing (seriously, how is this acceptable? It's 2023)

    - Horrible/painful handling of CCs in tickets where multiple emails need to be Ccd in.

    - Thoughtless handling of primary/secondary/multiple emails for a single contact. Basically, you can't give a contact multiple emails, you have to create a separate contact for each email they'd like to be notified at. Ridiculous.

    In the years we've been with Zendesk, no new features have been added; and if anything, features have been "broken"/degraded. Zendesk is the most basic solution for ticket management, and cares not one bit about listening to their users. I hope to see even more solutions recognize this, listen to what their users need, and build more alternatives that make sense instead of using Zendesk. 


    I've been waiting for this day to be able to unsubscribe to this thread. Best of luck to all of you, and hope you find an alternative that works for you.


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