[Release announcement] Layouts + Contextual Workspaces is now live for EAP customers. You can now apply custom layouts based on brand, group, form, and more!



  • Lydia Forsyth

    This may be premature to ask, but would there be more than 20 layouts we could create with this release? (just thinking about the different groups we have and tags in our space) 

  • Paul Von
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Lydia Forsyth thanks for your question on the number of layouts! While there are no immediate plans to increase the 20 layout limit, it is possible to scale this upwards in the future if we see a large number of customers using layout builder pushing up against that limit.

    Do you have a rough sense of how many layouts would be needed to cover your use case?

  • Lydia Forsyth

    Paul Von thanks for your comment and this info, this is really exciting! Answering your question, I'm checking out our Zendesk space and we do have about 50 brands in there, ideally a layout per brand would be nice, but I haven't played around with the custom layout too much, so I may be over thinking how often we will use a custom layout. 

  • JJ Miclat
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey folks!

    Extending a warm invite for everyone on this thread to join us on Tuesday, November 14th at 11 AM CDT for our live PM Roundtable on Layout Builder community event, where you'll get to live chat with Paul Von, myself, and other PMs looking after customization at Zendesk.

    We'll be going over the 2024 roadmap and long-term vision of Layout Builder, in addition to our customization strategy around Agent Workspace.

    We'll then open it up to the floor for discussion on any questions regarding Layout Builder, feedback on the current state of the product, feedback on our roadmap, feature requests regarding Agent Workspace customization that you would like to see us bake in, sharing best practices around creating custom layouts, and so much more.

    We'd love to see y'all there!



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