Can I remove added attachment in textbox programmatically?


  • Erica Girges
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy
    Hi Jigar!
    Unfortunately, attachments are unable to be set with the Client API directly. You would need to use the Ticket Attachments workflow which utilizes the Upload & Tickets API's Once you have the token from the Upload API, you can then use the request method from ZAFClient to make the call to the Tickets API and add the attachment. 
  • Jigar

    Thanks for the replay Erica Girges

    But what I want I have to remove selected attahcment when user click my app logo for sending message text is clear using 

    client.set('comment.text', '')
    This function but attachment doesn't remove

    Can we remove attachment progametaclly from the text editor? using client sdk  


    Please let me know if any other solution you have

  • Oana Veronica Pop


    Did you by any chance find a way to do this Jigar? I also need it :D


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