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  • Viacheslav Prodan

    I advocate for utilizing empty space effectively to enhance agent efficiency. For instance, when the agent is currently engaged in the first window (which contains contact information for example), it requires three steps to perform a specific action in the apps section: switching to the applications tab, scrolling to locate the desired app (if they are open by default), and selecting or opening the necessary application. However, if the agent could promptly select the application using the icon on the right, it could save approximately 10 seconds per action. Over time, this time-saving measure could potentially accumulate to save numerous business hours.

    In any case, we possess ample vacant space within the rightmost tab, and it would be advantageous to grant Administrators the ability to customize its contents according to their preferences.

  • Paul Von
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Kirill Akimov and Viacheslav Prodan -- thank you both for submitting the feedback to better utilize the empty space in the right hand context panel with the ability to pin apps.

    The good news is that this is on the roadmap for us to tackle in the back half of 2023 into 2024. The current plan is to first ship an agent facing version where agents can pin their most used apps into that sidebar, then follow that with an admin version where admins can pin apps as shortcuts as part of a custom layout.

    How would you feel about use cases for pinning other components types within that sidebar (e.g.: a small ticket view, Explore metrics, etc.)?

  • Viacheslav Prodan

    Hello Paul, it's great to hear that this is being considered for future implementation.

    As for your question, our agents typically rely on the tools available in the apps. Nevertheless, exploring the potential benefits of new possibilities in more depth would be intriguing. This way, we can better inform our agents about the possibilities and advantages they might gain from adopting new approaches. 


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