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  • Help Center in Macro

    Hello, Is there a way to add the help center in a macro? I see our Help Brand ID as a dropdown but it only has our default Help center ID and no ability to add more. TIA

  • Locating Assignee Changes


    Hello, We are trying to create a report that shows when an agent puts the ticket back in the queue or the ticket gets reassigned back in the queue after 3 hours (automation).I am using the Explore ...

  • Removing Dropdown Options

    If we remove dropdown options, it then distorts the tickets that have used that option on less than closed. Correct me if I am wrong but re-adding those dropdowns won't help with reporting being me...

  • Notebook in Admin (Right Side)

    Blue skying here but I have taken over for an admin who was here since near our relationship with Zendesk began, and there are a few things they have done that I question, yet I know there is a gre...

  • Assumption Length

    When we let Zendesk assume in, we have the options of 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or indefinitely.  It would be great to have a 'until date' option so we can provide a date that we'd like assump...

  • Merging Tickets Checkbox Not Checked by Default

    I am aware that  Admins can  set the default privacy for all ticket comments so that the checkboxes are not checked by default, but this also defaults the comments to private, which logically doesn...

  • Contextual Workspaces Not Working for Agent

    Trying to create a contextual workspace so that certain macros appear when the agent takes a call or chat. It works for me when I test, but when I assume in or have an agent test, it only shows the...

  • Requestor Language in Automations as Conditions but not in Triggers


    Hi, When I am going to duplicate an automation into a trigger, it doesn't offer me the option in the Trigger to choose the requestor language as 'Meet Any of the Conditions' like it does in automat...

  • Notify via Webhook Missed Call or Chat


    Out Team Managers would like the ability to have a webhook sent to Slack to alert them when there is a missed/declined call or chat- is this possible without a plug-in?

  • Placeholders Reflecting Time as UTC


    Placeholders are not reflecting the current time of our Admin center (PST) or the agent and since we are not using UTC - the incorrect date shows up. Is there a better placeholder we can be using? ...