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  • How can I make metric and attribute show as "YYYY MMM"

    In order to make use of "change attribute" with more attributes switched in one chart, I'd rather to have just one attribute and metric to get the showing format "YYYY MMM" (Y= Year, M=Month).inste...

  • Fix the period of time to filter


    I am using "Time Travel" as default time filter. It is very nice to choose the beginning and ending time upon preference. However, the default period of time is "all history", which cause to a long...

  • How can I set the ticket age including all ticket status?


    Hi Currently once the ticket is solved or closed, the ticket age of that ticket will restore to "0". Is it possible to let it has value? How should be the formula set (if applicable)?   Thanks.

  • Click the chart tooltips to hide the bar

    Is it possible for Explore to hide a certain elements from the tooltips instead of using the filters, like "Highcharts" chart?

  • Automation keep the same ticket status


    Hi there,  Is there any ways to keep the ticket status unchanged when using an automation? e.g. I'd like to set up an automation to remind the assignee reply the "pending" + [customize field]"inves...

  • How to trigger from Jira status to Zendesk?


    Hi,  There is a way to set trigger to link Zendesk to Jira, does there a way to sync from Jira to Zendesk? It will be very helpful to our Support team when the Jira is at the latest stage (waiting ...

  • A filter to identify the receive email address


    Our account is receiving tickets send to different address, i.e. no matter they send to abc@mydomain.com, 123@mydomain.com our inbox will also receive the tickets. We can recognize the source on th...

  • "Apply All" button in Explore

    In Insights we have the button “apply” that allow the user select all different filters, and apply in once. It is useful to save the query.  Do we have the same function in Explore?

  • Enable end-user edit the CC list ON THEIR SIDE


    Hi There, Sometimes end-user cc a list of people but in the middle of the conversation, they may want to add or remove some people in CC. They (in outlook) seems change the people in cc successfull...

  • Add more table column

    I know the current setting maximum is 10 columns, does it possible to add more columns in View? (red circled)