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  • Notification when a specific organization logs a tickets

    Is there a way that Support can somehow show a notification when a ticket is opened about a specific client? For instance, we are a subscription based service. There are scenarios when a customer o...

  • Changing an agents default group


    Hi, I logged a ticket for this but I'm hoping to get a quicker answer from the community. I need to remove an agent (Admin) from a group. The group happens to be their 'default group'. I figured, n...

  • Routing chats during busy times, i.e. an overflow queue of sorts

    We are a small team. Currently we only have 1 person dedicated to handling our chats. For the most part this is very manageable. However, there are times when our Chat rep gets inundated.  Is there...

  • Calculated metric for an 'Adjusted Abandoned Calls' metric

    We have just switched to Talk TODAY! What I need to be able to do is modify the 'abandoned calls' metric slightly to take into consideration 'wait time'. For instance, we have 1 abandoned call in o...

  • How do I gain access to the Knowledge Capture Dataset?

    I've just loaded the knowledge capture app in ZD Support and been tooling around in there a bit. I want to create a query in Explore but when I create a new query and choose "Guide" and then click ...

  • Ad hoc phone closure

    Hi, We have our business hours calendar set up along with our scheduled holidays. However, from time-to-time we like to 'turn the phones off' for something like a company wide meeting. With our pre...

  • Reporting for Answer Bot For Slack

    We've installed Answer Bot for Slack on an internal work Slack channel. Is there any way to report on any of the responses (Thumbs Up/Down, Reasons...)?

  • Appending a code to ticket subject line


    I want to be able to append a simple 2 character code to the beginning of tickets when an organization has a specific tag added to them. I figured out how to do this with a macro but it does not se...

  • Any way to get around the automation rule needing time-based condition...?


    I just went through and added a tag to a group of organizations. Now, moving forward, any ticket created by any of these organizations will have the same tag, allowing me to report on them as a gro...

  • Reporting on Availability Time in Chat

    Is there a way to report on how many minutes during the day an agent or all agents were available to serve a chat? I need to be able to say "On Monday there was an agent available for a total of X ...