Change text colour in Ticket editor

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  • Anne Flore CAIRE

    Also +1.

    Why subscribe to a product like zendesk, if the responses we can provide to our customers are of LOWER QUALITY than those sent by a normal messaging tool ? And the same for side conversations, even more DEGRADED, where full text formatting is not available either (neither the fact of being able to differentiate the recipient of the cc, nor the possibility of having our signature in a table...)

    My company has just launched on Zendesk and we are already disappointed to see some basic features missing like this. Deception of ALL our users!

  • Andreas Schuster
    Community Moderator

    I try to use emojis if I want to point something out (e.g. 🔴🟡🟢🟠🔵), however, I can understand that in certain business emails this does not look good. Let's hope Zendesk will fix this.

  • Martin


    The workaround for agents to reply to the Zendesk update using email (since even the most basic email editor allows coloured text) should not be necessary. 

  • Drew

    Still no update on this by ZenDesk. This new Agent Workspace doesn't do any good when half of the previous features are gone, and all the other available features are the most basic of features.

    I will be offering other suggestions to our Hypergrowth company as well since it seems that ZenDesk does not seem to integrate even the most basic of needs.

  • Elizabeth Cochran

    When is this coming????

    We need it, badly!

  • Steve Logan

    Elizabeth Cochran - judging by the fact that it was first brought up in June 2017, and we're now rapidly approaching June 2021, my guess is that it's never going to be added.  If it takes 4 years to add color selection to a simple text area input, then their development team should be let go.  The only reason it's still being asked for is because Zendesk doesn't care what their userbase says would be helpful.

  • Steve W

    It's not! I gave up expecting ZenDesk to make this change. With something this simple to change and needed so desperately, requested over about 4 years ago and not implemented yet, one can only assume ZD does not care about its customers nor  their success. 

    This is just one of numerous improvements desperately needed  that ZD has cose to ignore. 

  • Emmanuel Gomes

    Please we need this change.  We need the colors.

    How much it cost to get the colors ?

    Or if it is really expensive for you to put the colors in, you can just afford red and yellow, as the majority of people highlight red or yellow.

  • Oskar Omarsson


    We recently signed up to Zendesk, this isn't the first ability that I find missing from Zendesk and we actually kind of assumed that a powerful tool like Zendesk would be at least on a pair with common email clients...

    Please add common rich text editor abilities, and this feature shouldn't need to be backed up by community reasoning.

    Best regards


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