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  • Nils Zwicker

    Hey Mary,

    thank you for the feedback.

    Maybe you can use the „Agent Collision“-Feature in the meantime and train your agents to remain attentive?
    If you are on the Enterprise-Plan you can use the Guided mode for temporary agents, which might be an alternative for your use case.

    Best Regards,

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    This is an interesting request. We have an issue where several people may be "looking" at the ticket and not actually working it. So we'd love the ability to "kick" someone off a ticket!

  • Patrick Feehan

    Are there any updates or additional solutions to this? It's not very obvious when someone else is viewing a ticket or working on the same ticket as you so the ability for my team to lock a ticket when they open it would be very helpful. 

    Are there any app-based solutions?


  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    I guess I'm confused. Do you all have the Agent Collision feature? I thought everyone has that but I could be wrong. This is where you see the circles on the top left of your ticket when another Agent is on the ticket. When they're editing, it is outlined in blue. After they hit submit, everything they changed is outlined and it tells you the ticket was updated.

    My request for kicking someone off a ticket is still something I'd love to be able to do. I guess I'm headed over to post a feature request!

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    FWIW, on Chrome, agent collision display does not work consistently -- apparently an instance of a more general problem of ticket updates not being shown consistently. It's not at all unusual for an update to have come in on a a ticket that I have open in the browser, and after 30 minutes there's still no indication in the browser.

  • Kate Styer

    We have a request from agent groups that match the above.  They have Agent Collision but it is not solving there issues fully.  We continue to train teams to watch for others on the ticket but they would prefer that the system lock users to read only if they are not the assigned ticket holder.  We would like to see some direction on how this could be done or if this is truly not possible and that no one at Zendesk is looking at this as a possible future feature.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for your feedback, Kate. We haven't seen the need from a huge number of customers, but we are interested to continue collecting use-cases and votes on this thread.

  • Stacy Win

    Agreed, this feature would be helpful for our team. 

  • TonyC

    This is desperately needed.   I've just spend 1/2 an hour composing a reply to a support case only for my colleague to submit one a min ago.  The agent collision functionality of woefully inadequate.  Looking at a case is not the same as answering a case.  What is needed is the ability of the person who is answering the case to LOCK THE CASE so no one else does so. 

  • Alejandro Colon

    Not only is the Agent collision inadequate it also can be quite delayed in showing and also in removing itself.

    In our use case, we have multiple agents that can "take" a ticket. But, they do not always immediately take the ticket, instead, they may start working on the response. This happens often when the ticket response is a one-liner or a simple macro. 

    If they do not see anyone else on the ticket they may respond but at the same time, someone else was doing the same. Neither person knew that someone else was on the ticket as the collision was delayed. 

  • Chris Fantini

    Count me in as someone who would like to see this feature.  It's embarrassing when 2 agents reply to the same customer and their answers are not perfectly aligned.  We could have workflows in place to prevent this but our 'agents' are actually managers and this part of their job is very small but critically important.

    We used Salesforce Desk before and both the desktop and phone app locked people out from responding as soon as the first agent entered.  Only when that agent backed out of the ticket could someone else edit it.

  • GW

    Please consider implementing this feature.  We migrated from desk.com and find this missing feature is increasingly becoming important when all of our agents are working from home and the support team grows.

    We've had agents submitting replies one after another and it was chaotic, and agent collision is just not working (or most of the time, being ignored)  especially some are using the mobile app to reply.

  • Andy Grootens

    Yes, this standard function in other helpdesk platforms would be very helpfull.



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