Functionality to pause an SLA

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  • Tobias Hermanns
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    Any plan to enhance SLA "ON-HOLD" to Stop Next Reply Time?

  • Aaron Elliott
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    +1 vote for me too.

    I believe this to be a major flaw in the way the pending status works with SLAs. I also have scenarios where we are waiting on further information on from a customer, but the last communication is from the customer. When they reply back with something like "Sure, I'll get that to you when I can", we should be able to put the ticket into Pending status and have the SLA clock paused. If we respond to the customer just to say "Thanks" then our first call resolution rate drops. There is currently no standard way of getting around this. 

    As suggested previously, I'd suggest an update to allow the following:
    An option for the "Paused" status to stop all SLA clocks.
    An option for the "On-Hold" status to stop all SLA clocks.

    As there is no built-in metric in insights for "next reply time" (which I think is also a standard metric to have left out), we've had to implement custom metrics as a substitute. While the information below may be handy for some, it may not suit all workflows and shouldn't be required to setup due to a limitation in the system.

    Reporting on next and subsequent reply times
    Time Tracking recipe: The metrics you need to be measuring
    Insights recipe: Duration between two or more ticket events in minutes

  • Ayal Kellman
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    +1 for this feature as well. 

  • Nook Hutasuwan
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    +1 for me too, we use on hold a lot as we need confirmation from the third party and its something we cannot control. So would be really great if we can have the SLAs stop counting during on-hold status.

  • Leah Gilbert
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    +1 Here too. 

  • Thomas langton
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    I dont use Zendesk but am researching tools at present. Call me a noob but.


    The incident stays open and active (other than awaiting the client)- If it becomes apparent that the FIX requires a software fix, Then the clock should continue until a "workaround" is applied and at that point the incident is resolved but a secondary ticket could be created to manage the delivery of the software update in line with the businesses software development release policies. (which will/should also have an SLA).

    doesn't this get around all this? Or am I being daft?



  • Blake Freeman
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    We would benefit from the option of pausing an SLA while a ticket is in the hold status. +1 from me.

  • Fabio Strasser
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    I wouldn't even restrict it to the on-hold status. Just having an option to manually pause an SLA would be great. 

    1st use-case: 
    A customer writes us, we call him back to answer him. After the call, we set the ticket to "pending" because there are still open topics for him to answer. We don't actually send a reply though, so the "next/first reply time" SLAs keep running.

    2nd use-case:
    We send the customer an email "sorry we're keeping you waiting, we're on it ....". He just replies "ok". Because of his answer, the "next reply time" SLA starts again.


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