Getting a list of Draft and Published articles per agent per month

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  • Elaine Hilario
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Mary,

    This is not possible at the moment since there is no attribute to indicate that an article is in a draft state. Although you can report on the number of published articles by the author of the article and when the article was created. You can use the article Metrics and attributes for Zendesk Guide as a reference for this one.

    There's a workaround for draft articles though. You can always add the word "Draft" in the article title and we can use this information by creating a custom attribute that can be used to filter out the draft articles. Note that if you do this, it will only work for the current number of drafts and will not provide historic data.

    Here's a sample formula for the custom attribute:

    CONTAINS([Article title],"draft")

    Hope this helps! :)


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