Customizing view of Incident tickets within Problem ticket

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  • Andreas Schuster
    Community Moderator

    Hi Serge,

    Can that view be customized. In particular, I am looking to add 'solved' field to be able to see the solved date.

    As far as I know, you cannot edit the columns in this special view.

    In addition to being able to solve all the incidents by solving the problem ticket, we'd like to be able to solve the incidents individually and see the solved date in the view.

    You can simply make a bulk-edit of those tickets you want to solve, instead of solving the Problem ticket. In the organization I work for, we also do it like that and don't solve the Problem ticket right away, because usually there are always some follow-up questions / few tickets arriving afterwards.



  • Serge Mucibabic

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts Andreas.

    Are there any external apps that can be used (integrated) to address this? 




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