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  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I just wanted to make sure that you know that the total votes against each article is a metric that is currently available. You should find that in Explore under Articles Viewed>Article Votes.

    I agree that having both the up and down votes would be useful. 

  • Mokka Admin


    Article Votes has only AVG aggregator. We can't use it to get total amount of votes.
    If we have 10 "+" and 10 "-" that will give 0 votes but not 20.
    How to get this "20"?

  • Gary Mariscal

    Hey Mokka Admin

    I attempted to create a standard calculated metric with the formula:

    Value(Article Votes)

    And then selected the SUM or COUNT aggregator

    I have not confirmed accuracy. 

  • Aubree Rose Mia
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Mokka Admin,

    As per this article: Metrics and Attributes for Zendesk Guide, the "Article Votes metric" is the average number of votes for your articles. Votes currently reflect the sum of upvotes and downvotes. 

    On your given example, the sum between 10 (positive) and 10 (negative) is 0. That being said, the Average vote will show as 0.

    Sadly, there's not an option or a way to show only the positive or negative votes using reporting currently, however, as per checking with our team, this is something that we are already taking into consideration for our product roadmap.

    For now, you can use our API to list all votes cast by a given user, or all votes cast by all users for a given article, article comment, post, or post comment.

    GET /api/v2/help_center/{locale}/articles/{article_id}/votes

    Your team can export the JSON data and convert it into a CSV file so you can see the actual upvotes and downvotes through a spreadsheet.

    I hope that helps! 


  • Chris Gast

    I agree with my fellow Zendesk users. Without being able to see total votes per article to determine statistical significance, or to calculate a "Helpful Rate" (up-votes/total votes), it's going to prove difficult to rapidly iterate and improve our knowledge base. 

    When will this capability be rolled out?


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