Language Detection -- Improvement Needed

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  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Chris! Thanks for the feedback on this!

    The user language is detected in a user email, but it only determines the user's language in their profile if they're a new user, or a user that doesn't have a language preference set in their profile yet. Once the language is set, subsequent tickets don't impact the user's language preference, regardless of what language the ticket is in.

    I've gone ahead and moved your post to our Product Feedback forum so our Product Manager will be sure to see it. This type of feedback helps us better understand how our customers are using Zendesk and what kind of functionality they would like to see, so we really appreciate the input!


  • Maria del Carmen Méndez

    When I forward an email as Agent using the option:

    #requester {requester_email}

    on the first line of the email body ( zendesk add a new user and set my language at the user language. This is not correct because the most part of client have a different language. This is a big problem.

  • Leticia Arranz

    For us it is also a big problem, since you cannot define the user language when you redirect an email to Zendesk and when you change a user in a ticket o a new user (the user form does not include language selection).

  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    Yes we notice a lot of bilangual people too. Some people start in their native language, but once things become technical they switch to English.

    We also receive some webforms or replies on emails being sent out by another system. Those contain a lot of English 'overhead', so initially those people will be marked as being English, although subsequent comments and tickets will be in their native language.

    Maybe the detected language should be a ticket property (or even a comment one), so you can make views on it, make condition in triggers, etc. without having to rely on the user's language that might be incorrect or not related to the current ticket/comment.

    I guess this has quite an impact, but I would already be happy if this could be exposed in the API :) Then I'll create my own logic.

  • Martin Lambertz

    +1 here - It should be a ticket property and not just be detected once per customer. 

  • Marzia Mura

    +1 - this is in my opinion a big flaw in the product. 

  • Kristian Tengstedt

    +1 - We also need a way to trigger an update of a existing customers language.

    We currently have a large segment of customers with our standard language, and they submit requests through the Help Center, that supports four languages by now, but their profiles doesn't get updated.

    I think it would be overkill to run a script that deletes all language settings for our customers.

  • Jérôme Mormiche

    Hi all,

    Definitely, ticket language detection should not be stuck with the first language associated to an end-user profile.

    I mean, if the system wrongly identified the end-user's language for whatever reason (bug, customer's mistake, etc), it will need a manual action from a Zendesk agent/admin to fix it. And in the meanwhile, send all communications to the end-user in the wrong language (auto-receipt, welcome message...).

    When it's about Guide, if the end-user realized this by himself and eventually chose the right ZD contact form (spanish rather than english e.g.), he'll still receive wrong replies. This functionnality should be mandatory, not even a must-have !

    Please add it asap.



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