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    Kristal Lam
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you everyone for the feedback on this thread. I’m happy to say that we have couple of new updates around CCs functionality and where we are with BCCs:

    We are currently developing CC functionality addressing all of the pain points we’ve captured from our customers, and the enhanced functionality is currently slated to roll out with limited availability in Q4 of this year. We’ll share more information about CC functionality and the limited availability access as we get closer to rolling it out.

    The new CC feature will behave more like email and users will be able to see who is CC’d. It will also include a new feature called “Followers” for internal Agents and Light Agents. They will be able to make private comments to the tickets and end-users who are CC’d will not see their information.

    Work on BCCs is on our roadmap following after a couple of other projects. I will continue to post updates in this thread around that feature when it is closer to development.

    Thanks for your participation and feedback. It’s really helpful in this process and we appreciate you taking the time to share and help us make Zendesk better for you.

  • Jake Holman

    No plans for this at the moment I'm afraid Adam. 

  • Marc LaFountain

    Hi,Jake. I'd like to add my support for BCC's on tickets. There are numerous times we really need. Often we need to blind copy someone outside of Support or even outside of the company on something we are sending from Zendesk. And, very, very often we need to help users with registered email account resets. BCCing the currently registered email account on our communications is good for account security and a huge time-saver in many cases.

    If you could reconsider adding this, I'd really appreciate it.

    Marc  :-)

  • Adam Williams

    We'd still love to be able to use this feature.

  • Digby Cunningham

    Actually similar:

    We would like the ability to have a BCC: built in by company; that is to say when a support request from user@companyx.com is submitted, manager@companyx.com [already a member of our helpdesk] would recieve the same "Ticket Created" email the requestor gets.

    Several clients wish to know when/what their staff are requesting. If there was the ability within the Company to designate an "new request also sent to:" field, we would be happy.

  • Dave Cahill

    Adding my vote on this one. The "Email group" trigger action always puts everyone in the "To" line, which makes it difficult to do email filtering on notifications which mention you specifically.

  • Justin Ruffell-Ward

    Yes, we'd very much like this. We often want to copy replies to other members of our team. Must be very simple to add but a valuable addition.

  • Tate Lillies | Function Point

    I need this bcc function too. Please add it!

  • Monica Alonso | ReviewPro

    bcc is important for our organization as well.

  • Kelly Land

    Would be great to add this.  It would makes our lives SO much easier.  

  • Julio Miles

    Yup, this would be a very valuable feature for my organization too.

  • Krukowska, Anna

    This would certainly help a lot! It's a real pain to switch back to Outlook for my BCC needs. #firstworldproblems

  • aeconomon

    Hi Jake, any reason why this is not planned? It would definitely help us a lot.



  • Alberto Corazon

    This would greatly help us in sending client notification to a list of clients, and this way be able to track them on zendesk

  • Anna Kreindler

    Highly important feature. When an agent provide a complicated answer we need other agent/ manager to be placed on Bcc

  • Adam Williams

    Cmon' Jake. Give the people what they want.... BCC's!

  • Daniel Moross

    Would love to see this feature too.

  • Leslie McDonald

    Me too, me too -- please add BCC's.

  • Linda Wolpert

    We need it too.

  • Digby Cunningham

    Been almost 2 years since I first started asking for this; it seems it would be a very valuable addition for a large number of people --- perhaps soon?

  • John Boghos

    Our company would love to see this feature baked into the app. We'd like to get copies of the emails but don't want to expose our personal email addresses to our end users!

  • Nicky

    I agree. we send a lot of emails and I would like to add the option of BCC managers etc without the customer knowing about it.


    I think its very basic, not sure why its not there from the get go.

  • Alberto Corazon

    As previously mentioned this would greatly help us to manage certain clients notifications, and also would allow a different level in managing interaction with clients and will not have to use different systems for certain client affecting issues.
    I believe having BCC is basic for any organisation trying to manage its client base using Zendesk.

    Would you please be able to provide any update in terms of whether adding BCC is being considered and if so provide any sort ETA?

    As always many thanks for your support! 

  • Jeff Weinberg

    The bcc: option would be good for me also. The system I just migrated from had bcc:. I could copy myself and support managers in on a particular thread. There are times I want to send myself a copy of a support ticket to help with a particular problem or customer. Also a 'Save' option would be great. I did not see one on the support pages. I like to do saves for my support tickets, especially if I am responding to a long customer inquiry or the response is rather long and detailed.

  • Todd Dyer

    I would also like to add our organization's vote to have BCC's available in outgoing tickets.

  • Terry Knox

    Would definitely be useful for us too.

  • Christiaan-Easyswitch

    We are really interested in this feature. I hope it is still being implemented...

  • Alison

    I guess I'm confused as to why this cannot be implemented.  I can BCC in my Aol mail account from 15+ years ago... is it a security issue?  Or just not high on any priority lists?  Is there some work around?  Right now I have to copy each mail into my personal account to have records of my conversations... it would be SO helpful to just BCC myself in.  I know it says not planned, but really?  Not at all?  Hopefully it will be someday... or a work around... I just need *my* messages sent to be, not everyone's.  Anyhow, I really hope this is somewhere in the works.  Thanks :)

  • Cheryl Wetherington

    BCCs are necessary for us too. I want the ability to notify our sales people of potential clients, and pass on higher level accounts to them. Sales people do not use ZD, as it is our support tool, so we need a way to notify them of contacts they need to make. Currently, we have to go back to our old support mail and forward the message from there. We should be able to do it directly from ZD. This is a basic function.

  • Nicolas Cary

    I would also like to voice my support for this feature. I will frequently need to copy an internal resource (development) or someone on our design staff to share customer feedback with them. Being able to BCC a response would be very useful. 

    Any plans to include this functionality? 




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