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  • James P.

    Aren’t BCC’s largely solved with the “Followers” feature released last year?

    It solved our need for sure. We wanted our sales team members and executive team who all have lite agents licenses to be in the loop on ticket correspondence without the customer knowing. Grant it, we had to buy the add on pack to give us those unlimited lite agent licenses but it is worth it.

    If you are expecting Zendesk to support BCC like functionality, for non-agent contacts, my guess is that you’ll be waiting a long time. There is no incentive for them to do something like that.

  • Alison

    Right, no incentive other than the fact that people have been asking for 10 years...

  • Gregory Muir

    Yeah. Our service desk wants to be able to loop people into the ticket in the following ways: 

    1. CC in replies directed to customer (currently supported) 

    2. BCC people on customer replies where the customer doesn't see they're there. 

    3. Forward tickets to third parties and keep their replies as internal comments. 

    That third one is a real kicker. You either have to pay ANOTHER $6/agent to get a forwarding app or have the agents print to pdf and mail the results completely negating the utility of having one app handling all your communication. 

  • James P.

    Alison I understand that and hear what you are saying. But from a dollars and centers perspective, they have provided a solution to this problem, grant it, it costs extra for most users but that's how they pay bills so I don't blame them for making a highly sought after solution something people have to pay extra for. 

    Gregory Muir You can do all of  2&3 with the follower feature but those third parties have to have lite agent license. That is what we do. We have give our technical writing vendor a lite agent access and loop them in on tickets if edits are needed to be made via @mentions on internal comments. Not ideal but I'm not sure how from a privacy standpoint Zendesk could get away with any other solution for customer communication going to anybody that wasn't a signed up user for traceability and auditing purposes. It seems like a big privacy black whole if any joe blow email could be added to a support ticket correspondence. 

  • Dave Rapin

    James P. I wouldn't expect any more privacy, auditing, or traceability than I have adding a BCC to an email thread. I don't see how this is relevant. We don't need to turn BCC into rocket science w/ feature bloat. It's a standard feature of email that's been around forever .

  • James P.

    I realize BCC has been a standard email feature since the dawn of email time. Don't confuse ticket correspondence for email thought. They are similar, but not the same. There are elevated standards of traceability and privacy required from Zendesk's perspective, I'm sure. Think about their wide array of customers they are serving from the financial industry to the health care industry. I would be shocked if they allow a truly BCC experience for that reason alone.  Again, they have effectively provided a BCC like function with 'Followers', but the big catch is all those users need to be an agent (or lite agent). Not ideal, I completely agree. I would love to not have to pay for additional lite agents to achieve what we need BCC functionality for, I'm all for that. But pragmatically, my guess is that "Followers" is as good as it will ever get.

    Again, I would be very happy to be wrong about this! :-) 

  • Jp Valery

    Any updates on this? It's a pity that this has been requested for 10 years and still hasn't been implemented.


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