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  • Larry Deckel

    If one can't customize this dashboard - then it would be nice for you to be able to choose a view you create yourself as the default page that opens when you log in and/or click the home button in the interface.  

    If the dashboard doesn't meet our purposes and needs - it would be nice to get it out of the way.  Thanks. 

  • Charlotte

    Being able to set the dashboard to a custom view on a group/user level would be extremely useful. Our dashboard has personally requested this change because it's feeling so neglected so please, do it for the dashboard!

  • Ross

    two and a half years and this is still ongoing...

  • Michelle Wong Esguerra

    +1 We'd really find this useful

  • Dirk Sanders


    I would like to be able group on organization in Dashboard view, same way this is possible in Views.

  • Owen Pragel

    This request is getting pretty close to its third birthday.

    Even though lacking this feature isn't a dealbreaker, really wish more attention was paid to the dashboard. Zendesk has great metrics, good view customization, and the dashboard is missing both. Would prefer something customizable that you could scope to groups just like views. 

    Searching tickets in Zendesk is massively improved now that the results are more like regular views. Even without other additions that would be a big stride.

    Please, take some development time to improve the dashboard! It's the first thing every agent sees on login, and having it in top form would add instant appeal to the product.

  • DanLauer

    +1 Hard to believe there is not, at least, a customizable view for the Dashboard.

  • Graham

    Please address this Zendesk team. As others have stated, a simple win would be to allow us to choose a custom view to display.

    The home page is pretty useless to us currently which is absurd for the first thing every user sees,

  • Chris Emick

    Would love to see the dashboard customizable.  Right now, I feel it's the weakest park for the zendesk experience.  IE, nobody uses it

  • Mike Uy

    I would love to see an update on this as well. 

    This would be a much needed functionality in my organization and it's disappointing to see this request on its third birthday, with 115 votes and barely addressed by Zendesk.

    I see product discussions with less votes that have been completed. 

  • Patrick Müller

    We need these function, too. We are using the SLA module and we need the SLA time in the dashboard.

  • Erin Boyle

    Hi all,

    I'm going to bravely wade in here. I've spoken with a lot of you and even met a few of you (hi Matt!) in person over the years. First and foremost, we are reading, and we are listening. It may not seem like that at times. It is easy (even for me; maybe especially for me) to get frustrated when we're not able to address all of the feedback and all of the needs in the product in the timeframes we want, but we are still committed to doing the best we can to give you the best product possible.

    While the dashboard constantly comes up in internal conversations as a part of the product we need to improve, it is not immediately on the roadmap. That being said, we are increasingly spending a lot of effort going back and improving existing features, so I'm hopeful we'll do something incredible here in the future.

    We will let you know when the status changes and start to plan great things. In the meantime, keep the use cases coming. One of the first things we do when starting a new project is combing back through these threads and reading each comment. They really do help.


  • realjamesfoster

    Agreed. We do not use Dashboard, and it causes confusion for new users or infrequent agents. They say, I don't see my tickets! We say No duh, buddy...use the view you are assigned. They say shouldn't they be in my dashboard? We say ...use the view you are assigned.They say but it shows up EVERY TIME I LOG IN ... and we stop responding and mark their email as spam or junk. 

  • Ellie Simpson

    We'd very much like the ability to customise the dashboard, and also to remove it completely from agents' Zendesk.

    It's very irritating that the first "view" they see is of the dashboard (which we do not want them to see at all), not of their own views. We have to constantly ask agents to ignore the dashboard and go straight to their view. it's an unnecessary extra step and confusion.

    Please allow us to edit who can view the dashboard. That would be so much more helpful :)

  • Daniel Oakley

    If nothing else, could we please have a checkbox to prevent displaying the Home icon in the left-hand navbar? Maybe one to also redirect `/agent/` to `/agent/filters` as well?

    Even if the full re-architecting of the dashboard and major extending and app stuff isn't on the roadmap or being looked at, something like those two checkboxes would be much appeciated in my case at least.

  • Timur A.

    Totally agree with Jason. Waiting for such simple thing for more than 2,5 years already. I understand that Zendesk is a giant company, but come on...

  • Monika Zameta

    I would love to see the most recent comments made on forum posts in addition to ticket information in the dashboard as these also require our attention. 

  • Nick Elvrum

    This option would be great to see.

  • Michael Quinones

    We have a lot of pending and on hold cases we work with, we instruct our agents to work on thier tickets from thier queue and they consistently work with every status. As we deal with travel we need to be aware of check in dates, city of service and name of hotel  at all times. We cannot add these customized columns field to the dashboard view. I would love to see this feature added, it would be an immense help!

  • Amy Harkus

    I agree would be great if there was a way clear down the 'Updates to your tickets view within the dashboard, or even acknowledging the updates so they no longer appear , Plus with the addition to be able to hide or minimize that view, At the moment its just not adjustable in anyway. 





  • S Murray

    As it is now, I find the dashboard to have little value for me.  If I were to be able to use one of my own custom views instead, it would be something actually useful.

  • David Tobey

    +1 from me. Enable modification of the dashboard like any other view or allow administrators to set a custom view as the default "dashboard" at agent login.

  • Bartec Auto ID

    Like so many others here, I don't need anything complex.  Just let me nominate one of my views as the Dashboard display, even if this is set for my whole company.  The current display is useless but I only need to change some columns and include the absolutely essential (for us) Organisation field.

  • Sam Frank

    I agree with all the above comments. We don't need anything too fancy, but the homepage dashboard should be able to be manipulated.

  • Olof Soldatic

    +1 for customization. Why cage us to a default view that is of little to no use for most? At least per org. but what would be even more awesome is per user.

    We are about to make the switch to Zendesk in the coming months and although being colored by an all self built solution in a small company, at least choosing what your default view should be is for us very basic.

    With that said I really like your product so far even if we are not yet operational. Any news on this topic?

  • Brian Morton

    #1 non-advertised google search result for "Zendesk Dashboard View" led me to this forum posting.  Using ZD Forum searching isn't as good as Google - but that's for another topic I suppose.

    * Why not allow Admins remove this button/view for Agents?

    * Why not allow Admins customize this view?

    * Why is ZD forcing this view on Agents?


  • Mike Brosius

    I would love to be able to edit the dashboard to add the on hold and pending tickets to the list of "Tickets requiring your attention"

  • Hudson

    This is an absolutely ridiculous thread. I can't believe ZD's original response to this and the obvious demand for change.

    Looking forward to help in making this feature happen.

  • Owen

    Please, please, implement this feature. I am about to write some jank custom javascript so I get returned to My Tickets instead of the dashboard but I don't want to. The sad thing is the update feed is rather nice, but not seeing all my tickets is not.

  • Clemens van Dinther

    I also vote for a feature to customize the dashboard. It appears essential to customize what ticket stats to be displayed there.


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