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  • Tony Poetz

    +1 toward the hierarchical request. Our current documentation (which we'd migrate to Zendesk if we buy) is hierarchically structured to mirror our product. Most of our current sections are 4-5 levels deep depending. Without a selectable structure to provide suggestions/clues, customers will be required to know specifically what they're looking for and that's not frequently the case. 

    The inability to create child articles is going to be a roadblock for us.

  • Chellie Esters

    Hi Christian,

    I work in a software company, so I definitely understand that product development takes time, sometimes years. Where this falls short for me (and I think for others as well) is if this is even on ZD's road map. Based on earlier comments suggesting that the customer has to rethink how to organize their help, the perception is that ZD does not even want to make subsections (or the like) available to customers. There is a difference between something that will take time and something a company just does not want to offer; judging from other comments, the perception is that this use case falls in the latter.

    I guess what people want to hear is if it is on the road map, and if the "open brain surgery" will be finished in 6 months, 12 months, 18 months....right now, it seems that the patient isn't even in the OR.

  • Christian Colding

    Hi Chellie and others,

    Sorry that I wasn't clear enough earlier. Let me be as clear as I can:

    We want to change this! We understand the need and why you guys want it. What I commented on earlier, was just that adding another level won't necessarily solve all the different use cases. We want to build something that can last. Even adding another level would be open brain surgery, so we would rather open up the brain to perform the right long-lasting surgery. No matter how we decide to implement this, we want to solve the problem.

    So I 100% understand your need. I just wanted to point out the difficulty in fixing this and that it will take time. To clarify further it's not something that we expect to improve in 2015. That is as specific I can be at this stage as I would otherwise promise something that I wouldn't know if I could keep.

    I hope it makes it a little clearer and if not don't hesitate to let me know. I'll glad elaborate.

  • Daniel Oakley

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you very much for the update, it's appreciated in cases like this where there's not so much insight into what's happening over there.

    The main issue I have with Zendesk here is that it has been quite unreliable, well-needed and honestly expected features such as this are left with no response for years on end, and it leaves us with a sense that Zendesk doesn't care and isn't developing towards what's most useful for their customers.

    I can see all the features you've mentioned above as being very useful, and can certainly see why you'd focus development on those. Now that I know that's what you're working on, I can see why this isn't being prioritised so much. If you aren't already, can I please request that you (in a more clear place at least) outline what you're prioritising in terms of development for us.

    If Zendesk provides a more clear outline of what they're working on, or otherwise a more clear (and regularly-timed) view of just the new features that get deployed, it should help reduce the feeling many of us have of "Why the fuck aren't they working on this – they're obviously not working on anything else so why isn't this being looked at?"


    Daniel Oakley

  • Bob Bednarz

    Another example of how this would be useful...We've been thoroughly developing our knowledge base over the last 6 months and we're kind of hitting a dead end with our knowledge base because of this...

    We are also a SaaS company and have two separate knowledge base pages set up for two different software products we created. One software has been growing and with that means new features, new sections, and lots of new articles..along with a rapidly growing client base. We are becoming more and more reliant utilizing something like a knowledge base to prevent increasing staff needed for training clients or answering help desk phone calls. We use ZenDesk for both support and training resources.

    I've attempted to combine sections with related features to prevent people from scrolling or using a less than desirable search (we are already using smart search). From a UI/UX perspective, it is getting increasingly harder for clients to find exactly what they are looking for when there's approaching hundreds of articles and an increasing number of sections. Our clients are not technical people or tech-savvy people. We want to continue to grow our content since we have improved our client experience through developing the content we have posted, but great content is worthless unless people can quickly and easily access it. This addition would be a huge gain for us.

    If we are experiencing this challenge and don't even market in different languages,or have as many brands as others on this thread, I can only imagine the frustration others are having. I've looked at probably a hundred different help centers for inspiration on how to make it work with adding categories and drill down from there, but that's less than ideal for what we are trying to accomplish. It may not be a priority currently due to the difficult nature of re-writing the software, but taking steps now before you continue to develop and add more features might help in the long run.

  • Lara Hines

    I totally agree that this enhancement should be taken seriously and pushed to the top of the list.  We also in the process of working on cleaning up our Knowledge Base because it has gotten out of control.  We are a software provider and it has gotten to the point where our customers would rather call the support line instead of looking at Knowledge Base because it is a bit overwhelming.  We are doing our best to keep it streamlined but with the limitation of only one Category and one section, it makes that task almost impossible.  

    If we had the ability of having "Sub-Categories" and/or "Sub-Sections" that would help us tremendously!!!

    It would be great if we knew if or when Zendesk is thinking about adding this enhancement.  .  .  

  • Chellie Esters

    Yesterday was the 3-year "anniversary" of this feature being requested. It's a key feature - especially for software companies - yet it is still not even prioritized. There's a fundamental difference between something being prioritized but not yet being worked on versus not being prioritized at all.

    Dare I say that the community has an answer on this feature, given the silence?

  • Chellie Esters

    @benjamin @daniel I love that snippet idea as well. If Zendesk could run more like a knowledge management solution and less like a Wordpress solution, it could truly help a lot of people. Thank you, Benjamin, for being vocal on this board!

  • Benjamin Keyser

    Hey, I wanted to update you on the progress.

    To date, we've got design work nearly completed, a plan for the API changes in progress, and the team is engineering the back-end solution that will support the feature.

    The complexity we have for this is mostly invisible: it's all in the permissions on the back-end of our knowledge management infrastructure. So, that's why it looks like nothing is happening, when actually this is the biggest area of focus for us! It's really painful right now, I know, because adding sections to sections seems like a very simple thing... and conceptually, it is! The devil is in the details, but let me assure you it's happening. You'll see changes coming soon that will help us build toward the ultimate goal of flexible hierarchies. 

  • Benjamin Keyser

    @elizabeth We hear you! We've been working all year on getting Guide ready for nested sections. Earlier this year we upgraded permissions across all Guide plans to enable the next big step forward, flexible levels is our next target, and we hope to get this in front of customers in EAP before Christmas with the goal of releasing next year early. We really appreciate your patience... the truth is that upgrading the platform to get it ready for these big steps forward was a lot of work behind the scenes. From your perspective, I know it feels like we're going slowly, but this is because we want to do this the "right" way to protect reliability, security, and all of the other attributes you rely on Guide to deliver for your end users. Thanks again for your patience, and please feel free to give feedback when the feature is in your hands!

  • Jason Walker

    More flexibility please! 

  • Christian Colding

    Hi Chellie,

    I am so happy I was clear this time. Thank you for your comments and I will definitely keep you and the everyone else in here updated on our progress.

  • Samantha Flaherty

    @Chellie - thanks for eloquently explaining the community perspective here!

    @Christian - I also appreciate the communication, I'm glad to know that this is definitely something ZD are looking to work on (whenever that is - hopefully sooner rather than later, but it does sound like lots of planning will be required with this!)

    It'd be great to be kept updated with this - as with Chellie's comment, I'd be more than happy to provide use-case examples (etc) to assist this task. 

    Thanks both!

  • Greg Sohl


    Totally concur. Issue opened over 2.5 years ago. See my last inquiry here:, and their response here:

    Just a very surprising lack of responsiveness for a company that has had their apparent success.


  • Andrew Checkley

    It has been a long time waiting...

    We want to put version control into our KB for example. when selecting a product you then select the version of the software you are running and then have a list of articles for that section. as it stands at the moment we have the product selection and then the list of sections within that product that lead to articles on that section all versions in one location its all very confusing for clients. We need that extra level to select the version before going through to the sections.


  • Nadine Hattom


    We're under a lot of pressure to find a solution for version control, which we can solve with an extra level, exactly as @Andrew Checkley describes above.

    Could we get an idea of if and when this would become possible? If we can't resolve this in the near future, we're forced to migrate to an alternative solution.

  • Chellie Esters

    Hi Benjamin,

    Thank you so much for the feedback. Good to know there is an active team on this project. This is exactly what this community needed to may even have a few future beta users in this thread. :-)

    Please keep this community posted on progress when it's OK for you to share the information, or tap into this community for ideas & feedback.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    @Benjamin that is great news, thanks for the update! I echo @Chellie's comments above ^^

  • Daniel Oakley

    @benjaminkeyser That list sounds brillant! With those I'd be a whole bunch happier with Zendesk's HC functionality.

    The only other thing that comes straight to mind is snippets, e.g. a block of text/html that gets shared between a few articles, being able to update it once and have it populate into all the places it's linked would be good, but the items you've mentioned there are more important than that I'd say.


    @chellieesters I could see that being useful, but think for the most part that the (1) and (2) points in Ben's list would enable that pretty nicely. After all, with that functionality on ZD's side it'd just be adding another level at the top to represent the specific audience the child sections/articles/etc are aimed at, so long as it's coded decently enough \o/

  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey All,

    This is definitely something we're working toward, but it's a path that includes a few other features along the way.

    The first thing we need to do is rebuild how permissions work in Guide. This work began in earnest in Q1 2018. Today they are set at the section level and we are working to migrate these to the article. You can see that we currently have an EAP of the new management permissions available. We are gathering customer feedback on the experience now. We will then be working on updating view permissions for articles, again moving from the section level to articles.This is important because putting an article in 2 different sections with differing permission would be impossible. We're hoping to have all of this work completed by early Q4 2018.  

    Once we've rebuilt permissions, we're working on deeper, more flexible hierarchy. This will allow for sections within sections. We're hoping to have an EAP available for this in Q4 2018. 

    From there we expect to begin work on a feature which allow you to place an article in more than one section in Q1 2019.

    We are fully aware of the use cases, have done customer research into the problem and are working on design concepts now that we'll be testing along the way. These are all very core parts of Guide platform and require us to be fully backward compatible as we move into the new world. It's a lot of heavy lifting and careful planning. To that end, we are making a significant investment over the next 9 months to rebuild these parts of the product so that we can support these very important features for our customers. We have a team of engineers and a product manager just dedicated to these features.

    I hope this helps shed some light into our progress and how we're tracking to where we want to be.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Darcy - 

    It remains in active development. We do not have an ETA for general availability yet, though still hoping for an EAP yet this year. 

  • Bogdan Andrei Sturzoiu

    Hey there!

    We're very close to starting the EAP for this. Aiming for mid-December or latest early January.

    I'll keep you posted!

  • Christian Colding

    Hi Miguel,

    Thank you for your feedback!

    You are absolutely right. While we might go in the route of allowing organization of knowledge by tags, we would retain the possibility to use these tags as a hierarchical navigation method. A way could be to do as Gmail, but there are other ways as well.

    The main purpose is to break free of the forced hierarchical organization and allow for a more customized experience, which would better support linking articles together across today's categories and sections.

  • Anaissia Franca



    Having an extra level would be great for clarity and smooth navigation in our Help Desk documentation which is what we are seeking by using ZenDesk!



  • Cheryl Schmelzer

    We also need sub-sections in order to better organize our documentation. Without sub-sections, we will be unable to add our product documentation to the help center.

  • Nicola Carraro

    this is a much needed feature for us as well. +1

  • Claire Santos

    Definitely much needed!! I am pretty sure that if this was available for all users of Zendesk, it would get used and would not be a waste of your time to develop (as I am sure there is a small element of this from your side).. Should be the companies choice as to how we display our information too.. :) 

  • Erin Cochran

    This feature also gets my vote. While I definitely understand and appreciate the wish for simplicity on Zendesk's behalf, I really think this feature is needed. My company is going from one product to two and keeping the unique content separate is proving to be a major headache without this feature.

  • Carl Giardina

    This one's a no brainer.. From reviewing this thread it's clear that many of us share the need of having categories within categories, or sections within sections, while others require a much simpler structure.

    I think it goes without saying that what we need is the flexibility to choose how we structure our documentation.

    If I only had one product then life would be simple and the need for complicated hierarchies wouldn't exist.. however, that's just not the case, and as it stands, in its current state I'm not able to structure my documentation in a flow that allows users to drill-down and locate things in logical order.

    I'm following this thread and looking forward to further developments.

    Thanks guys.

  • Erin Cochran

    I understand the time and money that goes into new development, especially for something as big as this allegedly is, but I agree with Chellie. I'm starting to look at other help desk solutions because of this very problem.


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