ticket updates from supplier -> zendesk creates a new ticket instead

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  • Nick Haines

    Hey Bart, great question! I'm going to create a ticket for you so we can discuss this in a bit more detail to see if we can make something work for you. You should get an email from us shortly! 


  • Natalie McWilliams


    I'm looking into something similar to this are we able to update tickets in zendesk using the ticket number in the email address, so using this as the fixed email address?



  • Sean Cusick

    Hi Natalie, We apologize, this is not a supported method of updating tickets. No two automated email systems should ever be pointed at one another without a mitigating integration between them. This can result in a runaway email loop. We offer the API for the purpose of communicating with other systems: https://developer.zendesk.com/rest_api/docs/core/introduction


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