Batch or Digest of activity on Subscribed Forums/posts

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  • Frits van Dee

    We would like to give the ability to our users to choose for individual emails or for a daily digest. We also would like to setup forums that are default or mandatory to follow when you signup.

  • Mikhail Vink

    We're all for a digest (weekly/semi-weekly) of communities notifications. Some of our support engineers / project managers are subscribed to a few forums so that their email end up with 150-200 notifications daily, digest would help and would increase number of people subscribed.

  • Seth Dawson

    I agree.   I belong to a few national organizations of which I subscribe to their community blogs.   I get a daily or weekly "summary" email that I review several times a week.  Getting an email every time someone posts something would a) automatically put it into my spam folder and b) cause me to ignore it.   I don't want this to happen to our customers in a community that we setup for them.   So, in the mean time, we will look for other community software.

  • Keiron Smith

    Count us in too.  Thanks!

  • Nathan Polidori

    This feature seems essential to me... Any updates on this?

  • Joanne Lacsina

    We would love for the digest option as well. Have there been any updates to this topic?

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Joanne - 

    No development is planned for the community platform at this time. But I encourage everyone to continue sharing their use-cases and up-voting functionality you'd like to see! 

  • Jason Dell

    Hi Zendesk, 

    We would like to provide our community the option to sign up for a daily and/or weekly digest of community forum activity as well.

    Thank you,

  • Mark Landon


    I'm hoping to bump this back up.  My clients are crying for the ability to have a digest option rather than an email for each post.  Based on the feedback we've received, this would have a significant impact on engagement with our forums.



  • Melissa Lindsey

    We have a similar use case. If someone follows a topic, we'd like them to receive a weekly digest of any updates to that topic.

  • Josh



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