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  • Wes Drury

    @Gus - You can use the {{submit_a_request}} placeholder.  If you are viewing as a Manager then you will not see the button.  In the bottom right corner you can change the "Previewing as: Manager" to "Previewing as: End-User".  Once you view as the end user you will see the submit a request button.

    In order to edit your Help Center you will need to be on a Regular Plan or above. 

  • Admin


    I also would like to add a "Submit a Request" button to my homepage of my help center.  

    When you say that I can use the {{submit_a_request}} placeholder, where exactly do I put that?   I tried adding the code where I wanted it in the theme editing window, but I am getting an "invalid reference" error.  Do you have a code example of a button implementation?  

    Also, is there a way to remove the Recent Activites section?  



  • Wes Drury

    @Billie - The code above is referencing older code for the Help Center.  With the new theming platform you need to use the below code.

    {{link 'new_request' class='submit-a-request'}}

    To remove the recent activities section go to the Home page on the HTML tab and remove the below code:

    <div class="community">
    {{#if help_center.community_enabled}}
    {{t 'community'}}
    {{#link 'community'}}
    {{t 'browse'}}
    {{recent_activity scope='community'}}

    **In order to do this you must be on a plan that allows customization to your Help Center.

  • Mike Bailey

    I'm trying to accomplish the same thing, and using the new {{link 'new_request' class='submit-a-request'}} above just puts a text link on the page. How can I get an actual Button like the default "Announcements" and "FAQ" buttons that appear on the default Theme?




  • Wes Drury

    @Mike - Are you using the new Copenhagen theme or a different one.

  • Mike Bailey

    Hi Wes,

    I'm using the New Copenhagen.  I figured it out I think - I used the CSS "button" with my own link to those pages:

    <a class="button" href="">Submit a Request</a>

    I know I could use the Curly tag above, but the tag results in "Submit a request" and I wanted all initial caps - "Submit a Request".




  • Wes Drury

    @Mike - Yes the Copenhagen theme has a class for "button" and also "button-large".

    You can still use the curly tag just edit your CSS for the caps so it would look like this:

    {{link 'new_request' class='submit-a-request button-large'}}

    In the CSS add the following:


    .submit-a-request {
    text-transform: capitalize;

    You may need to add a few more things in the CSS to get it exactly the way you want it or you could keep it exactly like you have it as long as it works.

  • Marina Baham

    I have made the button, now how can I center this button and make it bigger?

  • Wes Drury

    @Marina - I'll be glad to help you out however I need to see what you got so far.  Can you provide a link to your Help Center

  • Marina Baham

    I haven't activate it yet but here is the link. Also, a picture attached, as to what I have now. 

    Please note: we are a small team and don't have a savvy front end person to help. So trying to learn in the meantime :)

  • Wes Drury

    @Marina - Here is what you need to do.  Create a category called Submit a Request, add a section, add an article.  Apply the following code.  In my code I'm linking to the Community however you can apply the same thing for a submit a request button which would make it look exactly like the other buttons.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Any ideas on how to make the "Submit a Request' Button automatically point the user to the Web Widget and open it for them?

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hey Heather, somebody was just telling me that they do this...I think maybe it was Daniel Cooper.

    Maybe he'll jump in and help, or one of our other HC experts, like Wes or Diziana.

    It'd make a cool tip in our Tips & Tricks section! (hint, hint, somebody)

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey y'all! I just pinged the Mods to see if anybody can help. :)

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    Hi Heather!

    We hide our web widget by default and only use it for article feedback as part of our knowledge process.  However, I think you could apply the same principle for your use case.

    We have a link at the bottom of our articles that when clicked will show the Web Widget. Try pasting this into where you want the link to show up in your theme. 

    <a onclick="zE.activate({hideOnClose: true});" style="cursor:pointer;">Submit a request</a>

    In the Header, we also include the following code to hide the web widget by default.  It only displays when someone clicks the link.  

      zE(function() {

    You may not want to hide the web widget all the time, if not, then don't include the script in the header, and you can probably remove the {hideOnClose:true} text in the HTML above.

  • Emma MacDonald

    I'm trying to link two buttons in my help center. 1 to a surveymonkey survey and 1 to the contact form. I have added the category, section and article, but I'm totally lost as to where to enter the code linked in that github link. I can't seem to find the ID for the new category I created. The home page and category page don't have the names of specific categories. What am I missing?

  • iseeBell

    Hi, I have added a link in the header, it shows up on the computer. How can i display it under the dropdown menu in mobile view? 



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