Finding First Reply Time Avg Grouped by Updater


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    Amy Dee
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    Hi Terry! Hi Patrick!

    It took a lot of research, testing, and drafting, but we finally have a solution for you! You can read the details in this new recipe article.

    The recipe covers how to report on first reply time by the reply event. It requires a set of custom metrics and an elaborate numeric range filter, so it may take some effort to set up. However, it should allow you to report on first reply times by the agents who actually submitted the reply (and the date the reply was posted).

    Give it a whirl, and happy reporting!

  • Patrick Harland-Lee
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    What I'd like to do is get a list of every agents, and look at how long each of them take on average to send a first reply. To do this, I would need to filter out this report to only the *first* person to reply to each ticket (as per Terry's request), not each person who's replied.

  • Amy Dee
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    Hey guys!

    This type of report is really difficult, due to the way first reply times are handled. The default reply time metrics are calculated by Zendesk. The results are stored as a single value, which is associated with the Ticket ID.

    This is where the difficulty comes from. Since the first reply time is a ticket property, it can’t be sliced by user or date. To get those results, we’d need to recreate the first reply time from scratch as a ticket event. That opens up a lot of reporting options, but it’s tricky to do.

    We’re looking into different ways to approach this sort of report. Hopefully, we can find a reliable method that isn’t too hard to implement. I can’t promise anything just yet, though, since we’re still testing things out.

    If we do get a working recipe, I’ll be sure to send it your way!

  • Patrick Harland-Lee
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    Hey Amy,

    Thanks so much for creating the recipe, I can definitely tell a lot of work went into it!

    I've done just about everything I can think of with this recipe, but there are 3 agents that purely aren't showing up in this report. I think what separates my request from Terry's is that I don't want to limit it just to see the first responder, all I want to know is the time between assigning a ticket to someone and that exact person commenting on the ticket (regardless of whether it's public or private).

    Should we create a ticket so I can share further details with you?

    Yours Sincerely,

  • Amy Dee
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    Hi Pat!

    This sort of report depends heavily on your workflow. There are a lot of variables involved, both in how the agents interact with tickets and how that data is connected within the Insights data model. Defining everything in metrics can get very complicated very quickly.

    It looks like you've already submitted a ticket to our support team. I'll work with you and my colleagues there. That way, we can take a look at specific examples and draft reports.

    Happy reporting!


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