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  • Samantha Flaherty

    Hey Kris,

    We're also using an 'about' field which is proving to be ever-helpful (thanks for the tip Zendesk!). 

    To get this into reporting, you'd want to create a report and set:

    What: '# tickets' or some metric you want to know

    How: 'About'

    Filter: you could include 'Date (ticket created)' or do a ranking filter like 'Top 5 About by # Tickets' and add 'About isnt (empty value). 

    You can then swap about whichever report style suits you - for me, I like looking at pie charts for this stuff: 

    I've also started using tags more coherently - so I can add extra detail and 'mine' into that via the reporting. I've got a report that shows the tag usage when I filter the dashboard with a selection from the 'About' field so I can see where I've selected Product Support X, if repetitive tags have been submitted over a set period, (so tags for buttons, pages, areas, etc). Although I can do this because I am the triage person so I know for sure the tickets are completed fully/with the same rules. Just food for thought :)


  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    That's awesome. Thanks for helping, Sam!

  • Kris Lowet

    Hi Samantha

    Thanks for the answer!

    But, how can we create a report with only the tags starting with "Hardware" and "Software"? I know we can select all of them, but our "about" list contains +150 items like these and is changing each week. We don 't want to edit the report each time manually to add and remove items.


  • Samantha Flaherty

    Hey Kris,

    I see your point - as far as I am aware, there isn't a way (using GoodData) to get a report to look at only part of a field selection; 

    The best suggestion I'd have for this is to create individual reports (so add a filter on report 1 for everything containing 'hardware' and set this as a headline report). This should then give you the total for all those fields selected. You could then do the same for 'Software' etc. 

    The downside to this is that your reports would need updating as frequently as you're updating the 'About' field. Alternatively, you could just take this offline and do some crunching in Excel... 

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator

    Great news!

    GoodData have introduced a LIKE clause in metrics.


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