Reset satisfaction rating to allow a resend after improvement of situation

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  • Colin Piper

    Diane, this is more thinking aloud rather than tried and tested suggestions. Assuming the ticket is still open, you could send a reply with the satisfaction placeholders in it. This would allow them to change their existing rating and you will be able to report on how many have changed. 

    {{satisfaction.positive_rating_url}}A URL to rate the support positively.

    {{satisfaction.negative_rating_url}}A URL to rate the support negatively.

    {{satisfaction.rating_url}}A URL to rate the support.

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hey Diane,

    Take a look at this tip and see if it helps.

  • Diane Albert

    Jen...that's what I was looking for - but reading through the entire piece it turns out that customers need to log in to change it.  so that's a big ole NOPE on our end. it was way down at the bottom.

    Colin...I think the article Jen had uses the same principle - and official answer is that an agent could abuse CSAT scores if a customer didn't need to log in.

    totally understand that concept - I don't even mind having both Bad and Good...because I screwed up the first encounter and I had to have a second encounter to fix which I provided good satisfaction.  I don't want to open a "new" ticket with the "MULLIGAN" on this.  Customer definitely won't understand that concept...but it would be a work around here.

    oh well, not like we live and die by our CSATs from here - I just hate to have them looking at me.  I should take it as the learning experience they are because it allows me to establish a stronger customer relationship.

    Thanks for checking into that one guys!



  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Diane!

    This is a conversation that has popped up a couple other times recently as well, and I can definitely see why folks want this functionality; some of them provide email-only support, some of them just want to provide a more effortless experience for their customers. 

    There are a couple of posts about it in the Product Feedback Forum

    You can technically assume in as the customer to re-rate the ticket on their behalf (assuming you have an active Help Center - if you don't, it won't work). We don't recommend this course of action, though, because it's obviously something that could be abused by agents. If you did decide to go that route you'd want to make sure you had a really robust workflow in place to make sure that only the appropriate people are doing the re-rating and the tickets are being tagged or otherwise identified so they can be easily audited.


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  • Diane Albert

    Hey Jessie

    There's only two of us with admin privileges...4 people total...and i think i'm the only one who even bothers to check in on satisfaction because i'm the one who makes contact with the customer to appease them.

    I'll try to get some time to place my UC - basically I just want to be able to ask them again...and have them respond..."were you satisfied?"

    If it's a second attempt and clearly the satisfaction says "hey we had to try again, now what do you think?" I'm totally okay with that too.

    This is one of those things I'm not real picky about the How, I'd just like to see it happen smoothly and in the customer's words.

    Thanks!!! I find new stuff every day  :)

  • Ben Speich

    Has there been anymore thought into this. I have a customer who rated a bad review and then wanted to change it. I have yet to find where i can change this and have assumed their identity. However there is no way to unrate through the portal.

    Also I thought i could change the Satisfaction ticket field back to unoffered for reopened tickets but i cannot set this either. 

    Would really like to resolve mis-clicked ratings. 

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Ben!

    Here's a tip that will probably help you with this: Using Triggers to get the most out of Customer Satisfaction - Re-evaluation.

    The customer should be able to re-rate their tickets without a problem, but it will require them to log in in order to do it.


  • Arminder Singh

    Anyone knows how to access this link: 

    I cannot access it pl.


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Arminder,

    That post was archived as it had been inactive for over two years. However, you're welcome to start a new Product Feedback post


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