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    Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi all! 

    Thanks to the great work of Community member David Andrews, Read Receipts are now available via an app in the Zendesk Marketplace: 

    Read Receipts

    Check it out!

  • Ryan
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Tom,


    I went searching for read receipt capabilities within Zendesk and unfortunately it doesn't look like that function is available, whatsoever. 

    I also went to look for a product feedback I've taken a look in our Product Feedback discussions , and found one other read receipt request, found HERE. 


    I highly recommend posting in our feedback forum (and upvoting the ones you would like to see added!), as that is the channel used by our Product Management team to discuss and prioritize new functionality.


    I would definitely comment about wanting the functionality on system emails, to help further define what you're looking for out of the request.

    The more votes and requests for a feature, the better chance there will be to have it responded to. 

    I also recommend subscribing to the article so you'll be updated of any further comments.

    Hopefully that helps clear things up. I'll post again if I do find any more information for you!

  • David Andrews

    I wanted the same functionality because I am OCD about customer service. If I have not heard back from a customer in a timely manner I would like to know if they have opened my e-mail so I created an app that does the following:

     1. Anytime a ticket is created or the comment is updated by staff we are able to automatically insert a comment update like the picture I have attached a screenshot of it in action.

     2. We will be adding additional functionality as well as advanced analytics & reporting as well. 

    We have 7 happy beta testers so far and are looking for 3 more prior to deploying it to the app store.

    If you are interested in beta testing please go to and enter your e-mail.David

  • David Andrews


    We solved this problem! Our app is now live on the Zendesk app marketplace:

    Please feel free to use 'FIRSTMONTHFREE' to have the first month for free!



  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    That's fantastic news, David! Congrats on having your app approved for the Zendesk Marketplace. We'll help spread the word!


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