Restriction on individual tickets or groups

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  • Justin

    +1. How would an organization handle HR / confidential requests? We have agents that need to be able to see tickets from other groups, but not EVERY group.

  • Leandro Batista

    +1. Precisamos também restringir os acessos de tickets do grupo RH e Financeiro. Atualmente somos forçados a realizar alguns processos fora do ambiente Zendesk para que estas informações "sensíveis" não sejam acessadas por qualquer colaborador.

  • Janiece Caldwell

    Any updates on this? Splitting into another instance is not ideal and would love to be able to restrict a subset of tickets from most agents.



  • Frank Kao

    Adding my vote

  • Logan Bates

    +1.  This has been a big obstacle for our organization too. It disrupts everything from ticket workflow to account settings. Restricted viewing access for a selected group, or groups, that contain sensitive information would be an extremely useful feature and would reopen options to the features that make Zendesk great but we are currently unable to use.


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