Restriction on individual tickets or groups

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  • Henrik Heusala

    Voicing on opinion on the subject: This is a basic functionality in many other ticketing systems. This is also part of the problem why many other ticketing systems are hard to use and manage.

    Even if there would be a perfect technical solution to hide details from different agents based on this and that we are left with the managing part which gets hairy very fast.

    As soon as we start to restrict the whole 360 view of the customer which is the basis of modern multi channel customer service systems and processes and have a situation where we can't trust that all that we see is really all that there is we are sort of "going away" from the whole idea on which for example Zendesk runs on and does a pretty good job.

    On technical side then at first glance this feature request for limitins groups out totally seems pretty straight forward but when you start to go into details and start to really look into what to do with the user profile, what to do with reporting, how this affects different apps and channels etc it also get very hairy.

    What we have as a Zendesk partner done with customers is we have left these groups out of Zendesk for the time being. Not just because you can't do it easily but also because when you start limiting and managing those limitations many times, not always, but many times even without the technical limitations we have come to the agreement that adding these restrictions would hinder and make difficult all the other work in Zendesk to that point that things work better and more efficiently if we keep the 360 idea of the customer inside Zendesk which everyone can count on.

    Saying all this, as a Zendesk Partner we have a lot of customers who are asking for this and a lot of customers where the deal might hang on this kind of a feature so really looking forward if Zendesk finds a way in the end to implement this and other kind of Enterprise restrictions which are found in other systems but do these implementations in the Zendesk way so that it's not a total pain in the **s to both work with and manage :)

  • Kris Karkoski

    +1 to this idea. As we have expanded our usage of Zendesk group management has become more and more of a burden. Like the original post, we want most of our agents to have access to the majority of tickets without needing to add them each time a group is added while having the ability to restrict some users to only specific groups.

  • Dan Blum (Project Fulfillment)

    Just +1'ing everyone else here.  This would be a helpful feature for us and it would be great to hear an update from the Zendesk team, since it has been a couple of years!


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