Ccs and light users

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  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Hello Mary, I would just mention that such an extended trail is highly likely to go messy somewhere.  

    I would think the best thing to do is break that trail at a certain point... maybe advise light agents that if they want to get other help, they need to do this via email directly, and then add the content to the ticket themselves. 

    I don't know of any method that you could cause all emails from your domain to be internal notes.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Mary!

    A lot of our customers use the Linked Ticket app to loop in third parties who should be able to add comments to tickets.

    Another option would be to make adding new employees as Light Agents as part of the onboarding process, along with processing their other paperwork.

  • Benedikt Pruys

    Hi Mary,

    very tricky! I think you can try the following solution:

    1. Create a dynamic content that returns a api call url to make the comment private if needed.
      With liquid markup test the creator e-mail-address of the latest comment. You can use this variable:
      If matching return the following url to make the comment private:
      If not matching return another not writing url. E.g. list targets:
    2. Create a new http target:
      URL: https://{Replace With your subdomain}{{dc.YourNewDC}}
      Method: put
      Contenttype: JSON
      Auth: activated with your api token
    3. Create another new http target:
      URL: https://{Replace With your subdomain}{{}}.json
      Method: put
      Contenttype: JSON
      Auth: activated with your api token
    4. Create a new trigger and place it on top.
      Create conditions that matches ticket e-mail reply.
      In the action part first add tag prevent_enduser_notifications, then call the FIRST new http target.
      After this call the second new http target with JSON-Content: {"ticket": {"remove_tags":["prevent_enduser_notifications"]}}
    5. Update your "send new comment to customer" trigger and add condition "tags not contains prevent_enduser_notifications".

    Now every new comment of your colleagues are private.
    The api call is async and runs after all triggers. So we need the tag prevent_enduser_notifications to prevent the trigger "send new comment to customer". After running the first http api call, the second runs and removes the blocking tag. This trigger a new "ticket is updated". Perhaps you have to extend your "send new comment to customer" trigger or create another to run after the second api call.

    I hope I could help you. Happy coding,


  • Joel Hellman

    Note public comments will still leak to CC:d end-users before being made private, as you cannot prevent CC notifications from being sent out, with triggers you can only prevent the ticket requester receiving updates. You could modify you CC template with liquid code and some additional logic to not show any comments and instead display a generic 'ticket was updated' but it might lead to some weird end-user experiences. 


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