Creating a BIG multi-select (importing via API?)


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  • Anil Kumar (Community Member)

    Hello Chris,

    I think you would need a Zendesk API expert. It's an easy task for a developer or technical guy.

    In order to start you need to generate an API Key (Admin >> Channels >> API), list of options for multi-select (CSV would work), a username with administrator access and you sub-domain name.

    After collecting all those things, now required some technical knowledge of cURL, JSON format and Zendesk API for ticket custom fields. You have to call a cURL command in terminal or command prompt with API Key authentication and JSON format of multi-select. See below curl command.


    curl https://{subdomain} -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"ticket_field": {"type": "tagger", "title": "Fruit Pie", "custom_field_options": [{"name": "Apple Pie", "value": "apple"}, {"name": "Pecan Pie", "value": "pecan"}]}}' -v -u {email_address}/token:{api_key}

    To run this command your system must have cURL installed. 

    Hope it helps.


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