Automatically Add Help Center Request Form Data in Description field/Requester's public comment


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  • Patrick Bosmans
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hello Lila,

    You could do this a couple of ways:

    1.  Have some custom JS populate the user field once the online form loads.  In order to have this work, the JS code must load before the form does and call the relevant user data from the user object, which you would have to store first in order to call.  The problem here is that it would be editable by the user so it may not be a consistent workflow.  Additionally, the JS would need to run in the head of the new request page to have it populate correctly.

    2. Have some custom JS append the ticket description on submission.  This way you could also include values of the ticket fields as well as user data and it would not be seen before the submission by the end user.  Again though, you would need some custom JS to call and post the data.  With this workflow, you could add the script to the main JS file.

    Either way, it would be a fair amount of custom work, that we would not be able to directly create or support so you would need to connect with an independent web developer.  They should be able to use our API to call the correct datapoints to get the information you are looking for at

    I would like to also recommend that using custom ticket fields and user fields would require a lot less custom work and are pieces that could be included in a number of additional internal workflows.  I completely understand that having this data up front and ready for your agents is nice, but creating a solid internal workflow where they check the ticket fields and user data, would be more scalable and effiecient long term.

    If you have additional questions just let us know!



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