Include Community Discussion content in the bot

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  • André Wessels

    We're aiming to seriously ramp up our community, so a definite +1 on this suggestion :)

  • Aaron Elliott

    I think this is a great idea. This will help drive users to the community.

  • Oscar Junker
    Zendesk Product Manager

    This is really good feedback!

    As the PM for community, I am really interested in hearing about differences between how our costumers treat knowledge from Community and their own knowledge base. 

    I will look into this, thanks a lot! 


  • André Wessels

    Great stuff @Oscar

    A good use case for us is that we plan to include a Questions and Answers topic in our Community, where we plan to include answers to commonly asked questions, and also encourage our customers to ask and help each other out.

    We could include this section in our Help Centre, but we generally close all our knowledge base content for comments, as we want to drive discussions to our Community.

    Therefore, it would be great if Answer Bot could surface Community content as well :)

  • Shadab Ashraf



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