Can I exclude articles (or section, categories) for the Bot search ?

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  • Chris B
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    I have a similar question. 

    With Answer bot for webform or email, you have the option to tag articles for inclusion in the bot suggestions, however I don't see any way to do this for Answer bot via the Web Widget.

    Our scenarios are this;

    • We have some duplicate articles (filtered in the help centres for the SDK's/Web), we have code which filters these on the help widget search, but this doesn't seem to apply to Answer bot widget suggestions, meaning we get 3 results of the same article
    • We also have some queries we don't want resolved by Answer bot

    Is there a way to tag articles for inclusion, or is this on the roadmap?



  • Mike Mortimer
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    Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback. This isn't currently available but is in the backlog to be done - I don't have timelines I can share about when that would be though


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