Fill out custom field using regex based on subject or body

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  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Andrew -

    Thanks for your comment. There is not currently functionality that can scan just for a 12-digit number. There is a trigger condition that can fire based on a specific string being present in a ticket comment, so if there was a series that always preceded that number, you could potentially set something up that way.

    I've marked your comment as product feedback, which places it into a ticket visible by our product teams. They'll reach out directly if they have any additional questions for you on this suggestion.

  • Leafworks GmbH - EMEA Reseller- EUR

    Hi Andrew,

    we've built that using a custom middleware.

    A couple of our customers needed something like that too. It's hosted by us, so you could use it as well.
    Just contact me If you want to know more about it. 

    It currently parses the subject using a regular expression and writes the result back into a custom field inside the ticket (i.e. customerID, invoiceID, contractID).


  • Louis Evangelista


    I am looking to add this too.


  • Holden Hartsoe

    Hi Robert, 

    We'd be very interested in something like this, how can I find out more about your middleware? 



  • Leafworks GmbH - EMEA Reseller- EUR

    Hi together,

    just checkout the following website

    You can also contact me directly on LinkedIn if you want to learn more. 


  • Jon Azrielant

    +1 for this feature. Would be great to be able to extract data from messages to populate fields. This has been a feature on for 5+ years...


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