When can we expect Explore to track SMS? And joins?

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  • Jeremy Wassenaar
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    Is there any update on when this might occur? 

    Definitely in need of this metric.

    Thank you!

  • Vincent Dollet
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    Hi Kelsey, Jeremy,

    Many thanks for your feedback & questions.

    1. Reporting on SMS: we have started discussing the possibility & timeline to report on SMS. We should be able to share more information by end of Q2.

    2. Joining datasets: it's definitely high up on our priority list to enable you to build more complex queries. I unfortunately do not yet have an ETA, but that's something we are looking at.

    3. Missing features: we are continuously striving to improve the product. Don't hesitate to share what you are missing most!

    Kind regards


  • Amie B
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    Hi Vincent, 

    Wondering if there's been any progression on being able to report on SMS yet?

    It's also important that we be able to report on the number which is linked to the user profile. I see we can report on most other major things from the user profile, except the phone number which is linked to it. This is crucial for one of my clients who runs a completely SMS based support service via Zendesk and needs to supply reports of the phone numbers which have SMS'd in from a particular organisation for cost reporting etc. 




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