Request to Change Dropped Chats Logic


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  • Ramin Shokrizadeh
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Lila,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback on the current definition of dropped chats. Although we do not have short term plans to change the definition, we have longer plans on changing how the chat session behaves and it could include things like what is considered a dropped chat.

    If and when we have something more concrete to share with you, we will let you know via a community post announcement.




  • Pedro Rodrigues


    This could probably be brainstormed and improved. Dropped does sound the alarm across the whole operations... just like Lila mentions, one has to clarify that this is just about who had the last word in a chat session...

  • Joel Koh


    Found this article and its comments section while trying to understand the "Non-completed chats" analytics metric. It does sound like chat completion is a meaningless metric for now. My customers are prone to ending chats with a friendly greeting. Forcing agents to have the last word doesn't seem like a good solution.

  • Ryan Hsiung


    We are in the same situation as echoed in this thread. Joel hit the nail on the head here. Many of our customers reply after our agents give the final sign off on chats before ending them causing at times alarming dropped metrics for our executive team. 


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